Welcome to the Black Fox Consortium.

We are an EU Free Company on the Cerberus Server.

A guild woven together by people who are both willing and selfless when it comes to helping each other out and sharing knowledge and experience for the good of the group.

A guild that attempts to be free from hassle, pressure and drama. Where crafters, gatherers and adventurers - casual or hardcore - are all made to feel welcome and valued because of who they are rather then what they bring to the table. We want to be part of a group that proudly says "I am not a number"  Tall order you say? Well, probably, but that's what we'd like to strive for.  

Just because it's semi-casual doesn't imply we don't intend on making progress, or tackling the tough-stuff. We just might not do it in a conventional way. A "whatever it takes" attitude would best describe it. Games like this are meant to fun - not a chore or a job.