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re: 4.0 Stormsblood news - the HYPE is real



Yes, the hype is real indeed! This weekend the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival in Las Vegas was held and spilled out a lot of tasty details on whats to come. Producer Director Yoshi P took to the stage to give his keynote address and set the tone for this exciting event with fantastic news, hints, and his infectious enthusiasm. It seems once again our Trailer Hero has changes jobs, this time to Monk to which the game will focus around (loosely) like Heavensward did with Dragoon. There was a lot of information laid out with more to come in the EU festival and finally in Tokyo - where I would imagine the lions share of the information will come out. Release date is projected in Summer of 2017, most likely mid to late June.

Ala Mhigo takes center stage this time around as the setting we will be adventuring into - there will be a plethora of new features, reshaped features and a brand new villain to try and bring to heel. With a budget of more than double of what was given to Heavensward, and a lack of need to "play it safe" this time around, Stormsblood looks to be shaping up to something very much needed. Indeed this iteration firmly sounds like the development team received the monetary support and evolutionary freedom to break out of the limitations shackled on them from the stigma of 1.0. Not only were the purse strings substantially loosened, but some crippling hardware shackles were broken and cast aside.

Yoshi P was his usual crafty self, playing his cards close to his chest while cleverly balancing his presentation with an appropriate amount of information. Not too little - certainly not too much. The usual bells and whistles were on display with new dungeons, new raids, new primal and all that we typically expect to come. Well, what was different this time around? The aforementioned freedom the team was allowed this time, no longer under the shadow of the ill-fated 1.0 release which stung the company right up to our last expansions release. For instance, dungeons this time around won't simply be about making a different layout and or about where to place certain nasty mobs. Recognizing that formula became stale - but a necessity - progression this time around will be built around excitement and a at not-so-linear run through said dungeons. Unfortunately, no real detail was give but it show that our voices were heard and the team have (hopefully) addressed this.

As I am merely touching upon this, I will give a clear cut list of changes and whats to come inside this post. Simply click the reply to post button to see and post your thoughts.
In closing, Yoshida announced the closing of support for PS3 and announced a PS3 to PS4 upgrade campaign was ion the works. I don't believe this affects any of us (in the sense of owning a PS3) but I thought it was a great show of integrity. It means, that even after all this time they are still trying to do right by their costumers. Yes, absolutely sometimes they get things wrong or at times we are left scratching our heads in bewilderment. But that said, the other side to that coin is how many companies are left, in the MMO market, that actually listen to their playerbase (mostly) earnestly? I for one am looking forward to the battle for Ala Mhigo and look forward to sharing that experience together, as one FC ready to take on all that is to come!
Once more, have a gander at the 4.0 Sneak Peak Teaser Trailer and remember more information is inside. As more tidbit are drops through the week I will try and update as soon as I can.

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re: 4.0 Stormsblood news - the HYPE is real

35 million USD compared to 12.6 million of HW


- Ala Mhigo

- No confirmation that we get one at all
- Viera almost became a playable race
- The Lorebook comes with a Hummingway (also the codename of an Ala Mhigan spy)
- Beast tribes won't be playable for lore reasons, inhuman races for technical reasons, and not-cute races because Japanese don't like em.

- New jobs confirmed
- Samurai almost became a playable job
- There are strong hints towards a new sword wielding job/class
- Scarlet Witch is most likely a reference to Red Mage

Central theme

- 3.0 was going to be either about flying or swimming. Flying won, so swimming should come next.

- Zenos Yae Galvus occupies Ala Mhigo and is the leader of the XIIth legion.
- The blonde chick from the trailer who will join us in 3.x

- New city is Rhaelgr's Reach
- Eureka is new exploratory mission area (Tied to the relic weapon questline)
- Deserts, ruins, lots of water and a misty forest. And a Wall!
- New Aetheryte shapes
- We are going to cross the wall from Black Shroud in 3.5
- Castrums are temporary bases but 4.0 will have actual Garlean architecture
- It will mix with Ala Mhigan style

- New level cap (70)
- New raids
- New dungeons
- New Primals
- revamped battle system
- Additional skill system (role skills instead of job skills)
- Reassessing  unused/ineffective actions
- Inventory expansion as much as possible (server upgrade) (Probably won't come with release to ensure a stable launch cause server upgrades are hard)
- New Residential area (Somewhere) (Will affect the main story)
- Flying in all new areas after finding aether currents (easier than finding moogles)

Windows version
- Minimum specs raised
- really want a 64 bit operation system

Slightly more touched upon Tidbits


There will be original primals and OG primals. There is a good chance they will add challenging content for even and odd patches - the odd patches being the focus of harder content like second coil patches back in the day. No details given - still deciding.

Ala Mhigo is under occupations and have been for some great amount of time. Some of its citizens this simply from being born into it and knowing no other way of life. Zenos is the main bad guy,  dressed as a samurai who is the leader of the 12th legion. His ambitions differ from previous villains in 14 and you will learn what those ambitious are. It seems as though there is a lot of political intrigue in it which is great - I just personally hope they get some good voice actors in to do the work.
Inventory is going to be MASSIVELY increased - to the point where they have to change servers and are releasing the game in fashion that won't break the game upon launch because the difference is so great.

4th residential area confirmed that is directly affected by the main story. Al amigo liberated? Perhaps?

The Forbidden Land Eureka as a new type of content based on inspired exploratory missions but completely new expanding on its own entire area. World Bosses (every 72 hours), High end Zodiac and Anima weapons/relic might be shifted to being done there (like in Final Fantasy 3). Instead of upgrading in normal areas, like doing so and so dungeon 200,000 times, the focus might be around going there to do "things". Again, no real detail give.

Yoshi made a point to say that they have a bunch of new ideas and they played Heavansward safe. 

They might be looking to do Open World PvP

Here is the event I found on a random youtube channel. Enjoy!

38:00 Short In Game Footage

Saishen Fuma

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re: 4.0 Stormsblood news - the HYPE is real


Its over. I am getting it as a preorder and it is a early launch date, best to believe I am there. I am there and that trailers just got my blood boiling. Man they are so fucking amazing when it comes to hyping up their fans. Red mage is going to be interesting to see. Samurai, well I know it is going to be a dps class so I cannot wait to pick up a sword (may not happen). New raids which got me thinking who is going to be the focus primal raid this time.

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