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re: Raid Rules.

Welcome to the Black Fox Consortium Raid Rules.

Below you will find our rules regarding Raid content, teams and loot.

1: Apply yourself to the Event Rules.

All the regular FC event rules also apply to team raids, so don't forget to sign up, be on time, be prepared, on TS3 and listen to your Raid Leader. These things are the basics of raiding and will make your raid smoother and more organised, not to mention that applying yourself to these core rules makes you just good mannered.

2: Raiding, it's an FC thing!

We are all part of an FC for a reason and as such FC raid teams will always be FC members first. If your team is currently short on numbers, or a member of your team can't make a raid for some reason and it has been discussed before that it's ok for the raid to go ahead regardless, then it's OK to take a friend or non-FC member on as temporary member. However, it is only temporary. As soon as an FC member wants that raid spot, they have first refusal.

3: Need before Greed.

Raid members should specify which jobs are their Primary and Secondary jobs with regards to loot. Items that are BiS for that job will go to the member who needs it on their Primary job first. After this it would go Secondary jobs and finally to glamour/other tertiary jobs etc.

4: We are all on the same team.

While we can't expect everyone to get along all the time, we can expect people to be patient and polite. If you think someone in your team needs help, there are ways and means to go about it. Shouting and swearing at people or bitching about them behind their backs about their DPS, tanking or healing skills isn't going to help anyone and will only lead to fractures within the group. Not only that, but it causes anxiety that will potentially lead to even worse performance in the future.

5: It's not all just Raid, Raid, Raid!

While being part of a raid team is great and clearing the content is awesome, its not just about raiding. Your team needs you, even when you aren't raiding! Being part of a team means logging in on a regular basis and helping out your fellow members. It means ensuring that your gear is up to date and working hard to keep it that way. It means being active. Yes, we all have things that drag us away from the computer at times, but while raid times are flexible, it means you have to flexible to. If you can't commit to your raid team, you can't expect them to comit to you.


*** The leadership reserves the right to alter, change and amend these rules at it sees fit and without warning ***

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