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PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:21 pm    Post subject: 3.5 news

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all had a great day filled with all kinds of lovely things. Let me try to (meagerly) add to your day by putting up the latest and greatest information in the world of Final Fantasy 14.


First up we have the next content update patch due out January 17th, 2017. In this patch there will be a slew of content added including the new 24 man alliance raid, new Primal battle Zurvan the Demon, and much much more. The second part to patch 3.5 will release sometime in March. There is a strong mixture of several things added in this patch - lets hope it keeps us occupied till part two!

Lets get started.



  • New MSQ

  • New Warring Triad Quests

  • Hildibrand

  • Scholasticate

  • Anima Story Quests

Instanced Content

  • New Dungeon: Baelsar's Wall (Built by Garleans separating Gridania and the region Ala Mhigo's in)

  • New Dungeon: Sohm Al (Hard)

  • New 24-man: Dun Scaith

  • New Trial: Zurvon the Demon

New Features

  • Zhloe Aliapoh: Gain access to new content by raising Zhloe's satisfaction level (in 3.5/3.55, other NPCs in the future) through gathering/crafting requests; will have glamour elements to it

Exploratory Missions

  • Existing Gathering/Hunting Missions have been heavily updated

  • Equipment from completing daily requirements

  • Missions include boss battles requiring 4 parties

Party Finder Updates

  • Now for world or entire data center

  • Data-center PF only for DF/RF content

  • Party members can chat cross-world

  • Party Finder filters

  • Password-locked parties


  • Players have option of matching in Frontline without GC requirements now (can still do based on GC though)

  • Dueling iLvl sync options: i150, or matching Host's iLvl

  • Recast timers reset at start of duels

  • New map for the Feast

  • Chat disabled during Feast battles

  • Targetting commands and new auto-translate for Feast; these will be actions you can add to hotbar

Chocobo Companion

  • Duty finder can be used while Chocobo is present.

  • Chocobo will appear in party frames like a pet

  • All chocobos will act like SMN/SCH pets: parties can have 8 players and 8 chocobos

  • Other players' chocobos won't appear in frames anymore, so you have to click them to see health

Egi Glamour

  • Can alter Titan, Garuda, Ifrit

  • Complete quest to unlock feature

  • Alter using text commands

  • Other players WILL see the changes

  • 3.5 will ONLY let you change those egis TO Carbuncle; other egis in other patches

Novice Network

  • Players will have to confirm they want to join chat channel after being invited

  • Players can opt out of Network

Returning Players

  • Features created to help players who are returning from a break

  • If you haven't logged in for 45 days, can set status to "returning player"

  • Can use Novice Network

  • Gain extra XP by partying with a Mentor

Additional Features

  • Can preview item colors on the equipment screen

  • Paintings will be added as furnishings